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Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ dullness

hari ni khamis. maksudnya dah empat hari aku berkhidmat dengan cemerlang tanpa bayaran kat sini. berbekalkan mekap yang tersangat hebat dari tangan aku , baju kurung hari hari ke kuliah, moto kapcai yang ayahanda tawarkan, aku dah berjaya bangun seawal jam 6.30 pagi menuju ke menara gah ni.
tak sampai seminggu pun lagi kat sini. rasa macam budak baru masuk darjah satu pun ada. satu apa pun aku tak paham . but its ok. practice makes perfect. staffs kat sini ok la. aku yang paling muda belia kat sini. takat ni tau la sikit sikit prosedur projek jalan badan kerajaan ni. ada sorang technician ni happening gila. umur linkungan 40-an la kot. aku panggil dia hampa ja. staff len panggil pak long. dia yang banyak tolong aku.
aku takkan ada hati untuk naiktaraf arifah.abduris ni kalau tak dak apa apa kecenderungan untuk aku berbuat demikian. bos aku meeting. rasa macam nak balik lena kat rumah kaler oren. pagi tadi ada orang belanja aku makan. bahagia ja bila wang saku selamat. la aku tatau nak buat apa. publish post.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 @ not that first.
it's my fingertips again when they start to move very quickly. like something is crushing deep inside. and it's been so long since this is my first after two to three times updating. something magnetizing me when aqeela's plot did mentioned about third class frame of mind. consent to one article that 'the first class mindset is not just only about intellectual and motivation'. random observation from an individual to others may derives laborious arguments. it's not me to debate about politics or social problems nor one's manner to the unsatisfactory infrastructure. considering about them who love to articulate with their own way about their own selves in so much way to get peoples attract. got the very pleasing style. an adequate life with all right things. acceptable position to everyone. resting on your 'pleasing modish' viewpoint could sometimes tugging others. you know yourself well as u said they think they know. give a reflection to it dear.

Monday, November 10, 2008 @
i'm at my home.this is my first time onlining since i'm here 3 days ago.internet can be so boring sometimes.i'll be back to arau by tomorrow.nothing interesting.keep on watching tv everyday.yes!i love it!last nyte Kyle XY makes me feel so excited to wait for him for da next episode.huh!but idk whether i'll be with him or not for next week since building services n fluid mechanics are not done yet.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 @ like yestersday.
today seems like the days before.too tired friending with my meja study for da whole day.math is da next thing to be faced.Ya Allah, i need strength. woke up at 11 am dis morning n everyone is well prepared to go for lunch.but this morning that noty hanif text me for topup.jerk!somehow for him it's still there. i miss them hell much.3 papers more to go.go n go babe.efforts n sacrifices need to be done.sometimes i can't stand wit this anymore.i want my room.everyday da same thing will follow behind me.kuatkn smangat arifah!n ainaa.she told me dat she'll repeat today's paper.omg.hopefully not.

n now i'm into struggling back.aida is waiting.8.30pm janji.skrg da 8.08pm.catch u soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 @ AN HOUR AFTER 29.10
doing some structure exercises i'm tired.a cup of nescafe can freshly help me i guess.the scary final haunting me sure carrymarks will make me lil bit nervous.let it be.i've already making hard for that.everything will find its's already 1 am.playing back all the things happened before.i'm laughing my's all when i was word 'teen' anymore after the number.minutes before 29 the wishes' already mine and 12 am sharp my hp ringing.wishes come to me one by one.even until now there's still a person wishing me.making me feel so appreciable.i'm waitin fr my mom's call a whole day.where are u mom.somehow my girls ainaa, aqeela, kak ina are still mine..thanks.even my noty hanif as well.and now i'm in a dead beat.taking a short nap but too boring.they've already fell asleep.structure with me again.oh.i'm tired.

doubt me.

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